‘All-pet private jet’ to return animals trapped during corona-virus epidemic

Some pets that have been stranded by the corona-virus epidemic lockdown will soon reunite with their owner’s families.

With epidemic hits and forced lockdown orders worldwide, many people are unable to travel as they normally do. While some found themselves alone, others were forced to return to their hometowns.

Unfortunately, this means leaving some pets behind. An entrepreneur in India is working to help.

Times Now News reported that Mumbai’s cybersecurity investigator Deepika Singh is operating a private jet to return the animals to their families. It was reported that he had already booked four animals for the flight and was to find two more passengers to handle the logistics work.

Singh said she was inspired by the idea of ​​helping her family move to Mumbai with her aunt (who lives alone in Delhi) during the epidemic.

Singh told Mumbai Mirror, “Some of my friends have recently taken a jet to Goa and if it can do it even for vulnerable groups like the Senior Citizen, I think it is for commercial aircraft and pets Is dangerous. ”

She said, “When I first started spreading the word through my WhatsApp network, I had a lot of inquiries, but some travelers refused to travel with pets even though they were closed. All dogs that persist on this lockdown and other pets and others. Pets Jet

While there is currently only one flight, Singh and the airline are researching whether the flight will become a regular service for these pets. However, one of the problems is the type of aircraft they can use an open cockpit. This obviously hurts pilots to travel with animals in aircraft.

According to the Mumbai Mirror, Singh is reaching out to many people in Delhi to visit someone with pets and be a flight attendant for them.

So far, a Golden Retriever, two Shih Tzas, and a Lady Partridge have been booked on the flight. Singh said that he needed two more passengers to facilitate the flight.

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