Guidelines for Installing a Bird Cage

There are many sorts of wires you’ll use with the foremost popular being:

Galvanized wires:


Bird Cage


A galvanized wire is one that’s coated with zinc which is very toxic. The most role of the coating is to stop corrosion thus increasing durability. To guard your birds you ought to consider removing the coating. You are doing this by soaking or sandblasting the wire. To stop the wire from corroding apply non-toxic paint to the wire.

PVC coated wire:


From its name, this is often the wire that has been coated using PVC. The coating is typically very thin and may be easily removed. Thanks to this, you’re advised by installing it during a cage with chewing birds. You ought to use it in areas with non-chewing birds like softbills and finches. If you would like to use the wire in chewing birds, you ought to choose a powder-coated wire. A powder coat maybe a cooked coat that’s difficult for the birds to get rid of. The wire is going to be expensive but the coating is going to be sturdier thus the birds won’t be ready to remove it from the wire.

Stainless steel mesh:


Bird Cage


This is often the simplest material to use. it’ll protect your birds without rusting. It also doesn’t require tons of care. to shop for it you ought to head to your local ironmongery shop.

Installing a birdcage


Bird Cage


After you’ve got settled on the proper wire, you ought to plow ahead and install the unit. To completely keep predators from your birds you ought to place an outer layer. Always try to install a troublesome material.

This involves you to avoid plastic netting as predators can easily tear through it. Larger birds also can easily chew holes through it. For best result, install a 14 gauge 1″ x 1″ grid wire.

You can install a cage with a wooden frame or choose an all-wire unit. It’s all about your preferences. If installing an all-wire cage, you ought to choose a mesh wire or chain-link fencing. you ought to choose a pattern that the birds can’t easily undergo. The pattern should even be ready to hold the perches and bird toys.


This is what you would like to understand about bird caging. you ought to choose a cloth that’s strong and sturdy. You’ll install the unit on your own except for ideal results, hire knowledgeable to assist you out.

If trying to find bird aviary netting we’ve many them made up of different materials and in several designs like chrome steel cable mesh and lots of others.

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