Top 10 Lies People Believe about Fish Keeping

by: KGtropicals

I’ve been keeping fish in tanks or in the aquarium for nearly half my life and it’s hilarious to me that myths that were within this hobby once I started are still out there to the present day.

These are things that a lot of fish keepers believe, which are simply not true so to hopefully offer you a touch clarity here are the ten biggest fish keeping myths.


#10 Your tank must sit for a month

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The first thing that each must learn once they get their first tank is that the organic process. People not understanding how the cycle works have killed more fish than anything within the hobby.

Unfortunately, the organic process isn’t something which will be explained in 2 minutes by the worker at the pet store when you’re buying your tank or Aquarium. A lot of times the worker is going to be during a rush to urge other customers and they’ll say “just let the tank run a month and you’ll be fine.


#9 Excessive cleaning may be a good thing

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It’s attributed to wanna give our stuff an honest cleaning once they aren’t looking so good. The thing is, with an aquarium this will be a death sentence for your fish. This is one of those situations where you think that you’re doing the proper thing but in fish keeping, it is often the worst thing you’ll do.


#8 Air pumps and bubblers are oxygen tanks

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I should be ready to just say aquarium air pumps aren’t oxygen tanks but I do know you won’t let me escape thereupon so here goes. At the surface of your aquarium, there’s an exchange of gas, kinda sort of citizenry lungs. We inhale oxygen and exhale CO2.

The surface of the water in your aquarium does an equivalent thing, oxygen enters the surface and CO2 goes out. This happens regardless of what but it happens at a way slower rate when the water remains.


#7 Bigger filters mean you’ll get to do less work

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We use to possess a fish store and allot of individuals would are available and invite advice on fixing their first aquarium. one of the foremost common questions was “if I put a much bigger filter thereon will I be ready to let the tank go longer between water changes?”

If they asked John he would say “No, don’t be lazy” but if they asked me I’d be a lot nicer about it. Here’s the deal, a bigger filter with processing more water through all the media but it doesn’t relieve you of wanting to work.


#6 Catfish and Plecos are tank cleaners

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How many times have you ever heard it, my tank may be a mess, I want to urge one among those sucker fish to wash it up on behalf of me. Listen folks aquariums are work, it’s a part of the deal.

Most fish keepers that you simply ask will tell you that the work is one among the items they really enjoy about the hobby. Fish like cory cats, plecos, and algae eaters will certainly eat algae and patrol rock bottom of the tank learning small bits of stuff but they’re not your maid service.


#5 Smaller tanks are best for beginners

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This is a standard misconception by allot of fish keepers and in my experience, it couldn’t be beyond reality. I guess the argument might be made if you’ve got physical challenges you don’t need to move around the maximum amount or carry the maximum amount of water for water changes but that’s about it.


#4 Transferring water from a longtime tank will cycle it faster

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I’ve literally never ordered extra beans. This is one that I’ve heard more times than I can count. When I found out the new tank I’m gonna enter from my old tank and put it within the new one, this manner it’ll be able to go.

The idea is that taking water from an old aquarium will bring with it beneficial bacteria which can instantly cycle the new tank. Not only does this not cycle the new tank but it’s an entire waste of your time.


 #3 Feeder fish are healthy for your fish

Feeder fish


Feeder fish are an enormous part of this hobby, I get it. There are a lot of individuals out there that aren’t like me and watching their fish eat another fish is entertaining for them. I’m not saying these are bad people, we will all like whatever we would like.

I’m just saying that the people that say feeder fish are healthy for the fish haven’t really thought this through alright.


#2 Some fish require feeder fish

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Since we’re on the subject of feeder fish and we’ve already made a lot of individuals upset let’s just throw more fuel on the hearth.

I love the web I’ve heard from numerous people over the last 25 years “my fish won’t eat anything but feeder fish”. I’ve even had people say “I don’t like feeding him feeder fish but that’s all I can get him to eat”.


 #1 The fish will only grow to the dimensions of the tank.

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This myth has been around ever since we started keeping fish in glass boxes and it just won’t get away. Listen, it’s true that a fish will stop growing during a tank.

It’s not like if you set a red tail catfish during a 5-gallon tank it’s eventually gonna get so big that the tank magnify.

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